Travel Game: Men vs Women

By Renee Fisher

Over the millennia, several people have noticed that men and women behave a bit differently as they go through life. Those who haven’t noticed this phenomenon usually end up either permanently dateless or eventually divorced, as they keep expecting the other sex to react the same way they do to life events.

Travel is a great way to note the differences between the sexes. Life in the Boomer Lane, having just spent 24/7 of almost three weeks with several close friends, has not only noticed this, but, as with every other thing in her life now, immediately thought “Hey, I might be able to milk this puppy for a blog post.” The following are her ruminations on men vs women, as regards travel.

Women make long lists of all items they will need for travel. Then, when together, love to discuss each others’ suitcases, tote bags, and purses, as pertains to the merits and drawbacks of each for travel. They also love to discuss packing techniques, specifically fold vs roll and general organizational preferences.

Men throw things randomly into something they can carry. Then they have their nail clippers confiscated at the airport, because they didn’t think to take it out of their toiletries bag.

Women engage in long discussions about currency exchange, cash machines, the merits of taxi vs Uber, taxi vs walking, taxi vs bus, bus vs walking, wake-up times, tours, cash vs credit card use, and any number of other day-to-day concerns.

Men wake up, go where they want to go, do what they want to do, eat where they want to eat, and then go to sleep. All of this is accomplished with little or no discussion beyond, “Let’s grab food.”

Women are concerned for one another’s physical welfare. This manifests as being in a state of constantly anticipating disaster for others. “Watch that curb!,” “Look out for that car!” “Hold that railing!” A favourite pastime is to let everyone know each time there is a step anywhere and loudly declare “Step!”

Men who travel with others are basically oblivious to impending doom, whether it be for themselves or for others. The absence of caring about impending doom does make life a lot easier, if not safer. It also allows for worrying about more important stuff. LBL doesn’t know what that would be, but she is trying to be fair here.

Women are concerned for one another’s emotional well-being. Examples are “Let’s switch seatmates as we take different buses.” And constantly offering to have others sit up front in cars and taxis, so as to be more comfortable.

Men would read the paragraph above and would most likely react with “Huh?” In the time that it would take to explain why women are concerned with such things, the man would be well into his nap.

Women serve as reminders for other women: “Do you have your passport with you?” “Do you have your boarding pass?” “Did your bring your sunglasses?” “Do you have a hat?” “Did you remember to take the room key?” “Do you have to use the bathroom before we leave?”

Men would probably not say anything if a male travel mate left the hotel naked and carrying nothing. If they did say anything, it would be “Are you sure you want to leave the hotel like that?”

Women love to share meals. This, while seeming like a swell thing to do, both diet-wise and cost-wise, and can also cause problems. LBL will devote an entire post to this at a later time.

Men would never think of splitting a meal. They would sooner leave most of the food uneaten on their plate.

Women love to compliment each other.   This is mostly manifested when women try on clothes. The word “adorable”  is used to describe any article of clothing, including a solid black tee-shirt. They also love to compliment what each wears on a daily basis. This includes someone wearing a solid black tee-shirt.

Men wouldn’t go shopping with each other, so LBL doesn’t have to address herself to what they do. They also wouldn’t compliment each other over an article of clothing they are wearing unless it is “Cool Redskins shirt, man.”

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