Quiz | Year of the Dog

By Alan G. Luke

This year the zodiac animal in the Chinese calendar is the dog, making 2018 officially the Year of the Dog. So, doggonit, sit down with man’s best friend and listen to some Three Dog Night while you attempt these dog-related trivia questions.

1.  Elvis Presley released the song “Hound Dog” in 1956 and The Beatles released a tune entitled “Hey Bull Dog” in 1969. What hard rock band released “Dog Eat Dog” in 1977?

a) Deep Purple 

b) Black Sabbath 

c) AC/DC 

d) Triumph

2.  In the ‘70s Led Zeppelin released “Black Dog” and then years later, “Hot Dog” which appeared on which studio album?

a) Presence 

b) Coda 

c) In Through the Out Door 

d) Physical Graffiti

3. “Dogs” is a track from the 1977 studio album, Animals, recorded by which stellar musical group?

a) Pink Floyd 

b) The Eagles

c) Chicago 

d) Styx

4. ‘Walking the Dog’ is a record album released in 1963 by soul singer, Rufus Thomas. What British band released a song by the same name the following year?

a) The Kinks 

b) The Beatles

c) The Yardbirds 

d) The Rolling Stones

5. ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ is a live album released in 1970 by which artist?

a)  Jeff Beck 

b) Joe Cocker

c) Eric Clapton 

d) Eric Burdon

6. ‘Hair of the Dog’ was a record album released in 1975 by Nazareth, a band formed in what country?

a) Ireland  

b) Scotland 

c) Canada 

d) Israel

7.  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (a German Shepherd) and Lassie (a Collie) were both popular canine characters featured in TV series which both premiered in what year?

a) 1954

b) 1964

c) 1959 

d) 1969

8.  Tom Hanks played Police Detective Scott Turner in Turner & Hooch (1989). Another dog-buddy movie released the same year was K-9. In this film Police Detective Michael Dooley’s (James Belushi) dog, Jerry Lee, was what type of breed?

a) Rottweiler 

b) Bull Terrier

c) Irish Setter 

d) German Shepherd

9.  In My Dog Skip (2000), an only child, Willie (Frankie Muniz), grows up with his beloved pet which is what breed of dog?

a) Border Collie 

b) Basenji 

c) Jack Russel Terrier 

d) Golden Labrador Retriever

10.  Who stars as Ted Brooks in the 2002 action-adventure comedy, Snow Dogs?

a) Kevin Pollock 

b) Kevin Reynolds

c) Cuba Gooding Jr. 

d) Robert Downey Jr.

11.  Who was the director of the violent film feature, Straw Dogs (1971) starring Dustin Hoffman? [Hint: he also directed, The Wild Bunch (1969)]

a) Sidney Lumet 

b) Sam Peckinpah

c) John Frankenheimer 

d) Norman Jewison

12.  Based on a true story of an ill-fated bank robbery in New York City, Dog Day Afternoon (1975), who starred as the scheming loser, Sonny?

a) Al Pacino 

b) Warren Oates

c) Gene Hackman 

d) Randy Quaid

13.  Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger starred in Dogs of War (1980) written by which prominent novelist?

a) Robert Ludlum

b) Ken Follett

c) Tom Clancy 

d) Frederick Forsythe

14.  Must Love Dogs is a feature film based on a novel. Who starred as the love interest of Diane Lane in this 2005 romantic comedy?

a) Rob Lowe 

b) Luke Wilson

c) John Cusack 

d) Kevin Costner

15.  The original Dogs Playing Poker oil painting sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $658,000 in 2015. What year was this canine creation completed?

a) 1894

b) 1901

c) 1908

d) 1915



1.C), 2.C), 3.A), 4.D), 5.B), 6.B), 7.A), 10.C), 11.B), 12.A), 13.D), 14.C), 15.A.