Quiz | Creatures

By Alan G. Luke

This month, in addition to Mother’s Day we celebrate National Pet Week {May 6} and World Turtle Day {May 23}. Test your knowledge of “creatures” with these trivia questions.

1. One pet on The Addam’s Family (1964 – 66) was an octopus named Aristotle. What creature named Igor was a pet in the creepy counterpart sitcom, The Munsters (1964 -66)?

a)  armadillo  c) cat  b)  bat  d) dragon

2. Robert Blake played an orthodox detective in the TV series, Baretta (1975 – 78). What type of pet did Tony name, Fred?

a) chimpanzee  b) bear 

c) cockatoo  d) duck

3. Sony Crockett (Don Johnson) had a pet alligator on the crime drama, Miami Vice (1984 – 90). What was the name of this Floridian reptile?

a) Stevie b) Ally   c) Reggie   d) Elvis

4. Arnold was a pet pig of Fred and Doris Ziffel, yet he was treated more like a son. On which sitcom did this porcine personality appear?

a) That Girl b) Beverly Hillbillies

c) Green Acres  d) Petticoat Junction

5.  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie were popular TV series, which both begun in what year?

a) 1954  b)1959  c) 1964  d) 1969

6.Three pets journey through the Canadian wilderness in the live-action Walt Disney film, The Incredible Journey (1963). Which breed was not among the animals involved in this amazing trek?

a) Labrador Retriever  b) Bull Terrier

c) Balinese cat  d) Siamese cat

7. Who played a maverick detective, Michael Dooley who enlists a police dog, Jerry Lee who assists him in bringing down a drug dealer in K-9 (1989)?

a) Jason c) John Cusack

b) Jim Belushid) James Woods

8. In Turner & Hooch (1989), Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) adopts a dog that witnesses a murder. What type of breed is his canine companion in this crime comedy?

a) French Mastiff  b) Irish Wolfhound c) English Bulldog  d) American Bullnese

9.  With an average weight of 80 kg, what is the largest freshwater turtle in North America?

a) Alligator Snapping  b) Florida Snapping

c) Cajun Crawler  d) Bayou Razorback

10.  There are 14 families of turtles. Which one of the following sea turtles is not endangered?

a) Leatherback  b) Flatback

c) Green d) Hawksbill 

11. Tortoise shell jewelry has been  banned since the 1970s. Which type of turtle is used for creating jewelry?

a) Asian Box Turtle

b) Eastern Painted Turtle

c) Hawksbill Sea Turtle 

d) Florida Soft-shell Turtle

12. Tortuga is the Spanish word for “turtle”. Which one of the following countries does not have a Tortuga Island?

a) Peru b) Dominican Republic

c) Ecuador d) Costa Rica

13. What group of islands did Christopher Columbus discover in 1493, of which the largest was Tortola, meaning “land of the turtle dove”?

a) British Virgin Islands   b) Bahamas

c) Turks & Caicos d) Grenadines

14. The Sir Turtle pirate logo is an omnipresent entity of what islands?

a) Canary Islands b) Bahamas

c) Cayman Islands  d) Seychelles

15. Which one of the following sixties rock songs is not a popular song recorded by The Turtles?

a) Happy Together  b) Eight Miles High

c) Eleanor   d) She’d Rather be With Me


Answers to Quiz: 

1b, 2c, 3d, 4c, 5a, 6a,  7b, 8a, 9a,10b, 11c, 12b 13a, 14c, 15b


The Humour Month quiz published in the April issue of Forever Young provided an incorrect answer to the question: “Which one of the following stand-up comedians did not have a TV sitcom?” The choices were Red Foxx, Robin Williams, George Carlin and Freddie Prinze. The answer given was George Carlin. As reader Brendan Rodgers pointed out, Carlin starred in “The George Carlin Show” that ran for one season in 1994. We regret the error.