Quiz | Creatures

By Alan G. Luke

Mmmmm…..It’s time to activate your sweet tooth in honour of International Chocolate Day (Saturday, Sept. 13). Whilst you indulge in the “food of the gods”, quiz yourself on these chocolate-oriented trivia questions.

1. The Olmecs, a Mesoamerican civilization, converted theobroma cacao into a chocolate drink. Aztecs and Mayans believed the thick libation to possess medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. It is no coincidence that “You Sexy Thing” was a song recorded by what group?

a) Sweet Chocolate 

b) Hot Chocolate

c) Chocolettes           

d) Choco-lusters

2. Briton, John Cadbury developed what process to create solid chocolate?

a) Chocofication   

b) Ossification

c) Emulsification 

d) Putrefaction

3. Military chocolate had been provided to US troops during World War II as a standard ration. What chocolate company was the primary provider of this high-energy morale booster?

a) Mars, Inc. 

b) Lowney

c) Rowntree   

d) Hershey’s

4. Originally derived from the Americas, today, what region produces two-thirds of the world’s cocoa?

a) Western African

b) East Asia

c) South America    

d) Northern Australia

5. There are chocolate museums in Cuba, England and Korea. What Canadian town has a museum featuring chocolate that opened in 1999?

a) St. Andrews, NS  

b) St. Jacobs, ON

c) St. Stephens, NB  

d) St. Elsewhere, SK

6. Canadian author and choco-lady extraordinaire, Doreen Pendracs released a palatable publication, “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate”.  In the chocolate-laden layers of enticing and engaging information, what has she discovered during her travels to be the most common beneficial attribute about dark chocolate?

a) heart healthiness  

b) aphrodisiac qualities

c) cranial acuity          

d) damn deliciousness

7. Cat Stevens recorded the album titled: Buddha and the Chocolate Box. Crowded House released the song, “Chocolate Chip” (1975). Who recorded the song “Chocolate Jesus”?

a) Jimmy Buffett 

b) Jim Stafford

c) Tom Waits         

d) John Prine

8. “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1971) starred Gene Wilder. Who starred in the updated Tim Burton version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005)?

a) Johnny Depp 

b) Johnny Knoxville

c) Jim Belushi   

d) Jim Carrey

9. Johnny Depp appeared in “Chocolat”, a captivating tale about a woman and the influence of her chocolate shop on French villagers. Who played the chocolatier in the 1989 romantic fantasy?

a) Juliette Binoche  

b) Juliette Lewis

c) Julia Ormond        

d) Julia Roberts

10.  Which one of the following B&W movies did not apply chocolate syrup (Bosco) to represent blood during the filming of sanguine scenes?

a) Psycho 

b) Raging Bull

c) Night of the Living Dead

d) Night at the Museum

11.  The largest manufacturer of chocolate in North America is the Hershey Chocolate Company established by Milton S. Hershey in what year?
a)  1888  

b) 1894 

c) 1900 

d) 1906

12.  This country’s oldest brand of chocolate, Cailler was established in 1796. The company’s headquarters are situated in the village of Broc in which country?

a) Grenada 

b) Belgium

c) France     


13.  Which “Saturday Night Live” alumnist stated in a satirical commercial: “I owe it all to little chocolate donuts.”?

a) Dan Aykroyd  

b) John Belushi

c) Chevy Chase   

d) Bill Murray

14.  Best-selling author, Debra Waterhouse, wrote: “Why Women Need      Chocolate”. She stated that women are 76 per cent more likely to crave chocolate than men and how many more times likely to eat it to feel better?

a) 12 times 

b) 18 times 

c) 22 times 

d) 28 times

15.  Milk Chocolate Day is commemorated annually on July 28. Which one of the following is not an official chocolate day observance?

a) Chocolate Ice Cream Day

b) Chocolate Milk Shake Day

c) Chocolate Chip Day 

d) Count Chocula Day


1.b), 2.c), 3.d), 4.a), 5.c), 6.a), 7.c), 8.a), 9.a), 10.d), 11.b), 12.d), 13.b), 14.c), 15.d).