Quiz – Chicken Month

By Alan G. Luke

September is Chicken Month, so don’t chicken out and quiz yourself with these chicken-oriented questions while enjoying a bucket o’ bird as you engage in some fowl play.

1. Who founded the world’s largest chicken chain franchise which opened in 1962 (in Utah)?

a) Harlan Hogan

b) Harlan Williams

c) Harlan Ellison

d) Harlan Sanders

2. The town of Chicken, Alaska was originally named after the state bird, which is?

a) Albatross

b) Ptarmigan

c) Cormorant

d) Pelican

3. The Museum of Chicken Art, which displays paintings, carvings and embroidery among its works is located in what Asian city?

a) Seoul, S. Korea

b) Beijing, China

c) Nagasaki, Japan

d) Taipei, Taiwan

4. ZZ Top recorded the song “La Grange” which is the name of the town where the original Chicken Ranch was established. In what state did the bordello open in1844?

a) Louisiana

b) Texas

c) South Carolina

d) New Mexico

5. “Dixie Chicken” (Little Feat) and “Chicken Train” (Ozark Mountain Daredevils) are both songs released in what year?

a) 1967

b) 1973

c) 1980

d) 1986

6. In the computer-oriented comedy fi lm, Chicken Little (2005), what Canadian artist performed the track, “One Little Slip”?

a) Celine Dion

b) Neil Young

c) Barenaked Ladies

d) Blue Rodeo

7. Mae West (Flower Belle Lee) stars with W.C. Fields in the comedy-western, My Little Chickadee (1940). What was the name of Fields’ character?

a) Cuthbert J. Willie

b) Elmer Prettywillie

c) Larson E. Whipsnade

d) Ambrose Wolfinger

8. Mel Gibson provided the voice for Rocky the Rooster in what 2002 animated comedy film?

a) Chicken Delight

b) Chicken Bones

c) Chicken Run

d) Chicken Lips

9. Super Chicken is a 1967 cartoon which was featured on the George of the Jungle animated TV series. What type of animal was his sidekick, Fred?

a) Lion

b) Bear

c) Fox

d) Duck

10. Who starred as Chicken George in the historical novel-based TV mini-series, Roots (1977)?

a) John Amos

b) LeVar Burton

c) Vic Morrow

d) Ben Vereen

11. The “Chicken Dance” was a song originally composed in the 1950s by a Swiss musician playing which instrument?

a) accordion

b) guitar

c) saxophone

d) kazoo

12. Chico Marx (1887 – 1961) evidently derived his Marx Brothers name from early slang as being a “chicken chaser” or womanizer. What was his actual given name?

a) Adolph

b) Julius

c) Leonard

d) Herbert

13. Stellar baseball player, Wade Boggs, was nicknamed “Chicken Man” by a team mate since he ate it prior to every game. Which in-field position did this Hall of Famer play?

a) 1st base

b) 2nd base

c) 3rd base

d) catcher

14. Created in 1994, Hector Chicken is a fast food franchise whose slogan is “The chicken that makes you crack!” In which European country is this franchise based?

a) Belgium

b) Germany

c) Netherlands

d) Austria

15. This year (2017) is the Chinese Year of the (Fire) Rooster (male chicken). This is one of the animals that appear every how many years in their calendar cycle?

a) 4

b) 8

c) 10

d) 12


Answers to Quiz: 1. d), 2. b), 3. a), 4. b), 5. b), 6. c), 7. a), 8. c ), 9. a), 10. d), 11. a), 12. c), 13. c), 14. a, 15. d)