Let luxury lead you through the Canadian Rockies

By Madison Tierney

Seeing the majestic Canadian Rockies from the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer train fuses nostalgic train travel with modern luxury for an unforgettable experience. The scenery will leave you in awe of Canada’s beauty, as well as allow you to take a moment to marvel at those who built the railroad back in the late 1880s.

The Rocky Mountaineer is the only daylight luxury tourist train of its kind and has been awarded the prestigious World Travel Award for “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” many times. The wow-factor of the experience is due to the brilliant glass-domed roofs that provide panoramic views, combined with upscale comfort, delicious cuisine and impeccable service.

While coursing through canyons, you’ll see wildlife roaming freely. Make sure you’re camera-ready for taking photos of black bears climbing trees, eagles circling above, and moose, elk, sheep and other animals wandering by the rivers.

The narrow steep-sided valleys and monumental tunnels carved out of the mountainsides impresses at every turn. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for the rail workers who were lowered down into the steep canyons, dangling from makeshift ladders tied together with weathered ropes, to build this route that shocked the world.

The train has nine locomotives, 36 passenger coaches and 20 power and supply cars. Of the passenger coaches, 16 are called SilverLeaf Service which are single-level dome coaches. They were built in the 1950s and remodelled in 2012. The 20 GoldLeaf bi-level railcars were custom-built in Colorado and later Berlin, Germany – four of which are in operation for the 2019 season.

The advanced suspension of the railcars allows you to walk around between each level on the GoldLeaf cars comfortably and safely, enjoy the outdoor viewing platform, and sit down for a full course breakfast and lunch in the dining room. In SilverLeaf, your meals are delivered to your seat. Talented chefs prepare fine dining meals with fresh farm-to-table, locally-sourced ingredients.

Known for their excellence service, your journey is one of relaxation and indulgence. From hot towel service before your meals to all-day bar and drink services with afternoon snacks, you’ll feel spoiled and pampered.

Beyond delicious food and wonderful views, the staff are incredibly kind and accommodating. What you see is thoroughly enriched with historical commentary that provides an educational experience.

There are no sleeper cars and so your nights are spent in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. You’ll also be near great bars and restaurants whether in the village or an aerial tram ride away to a mountain peak.

There are four fabulous rail routes to choose from:

  • First Passage to the West takes you from Vancouver and Lake Louise/Banff via Kamloops.
  • Journey through the Clouds goes between Vancouver and Jasper via Kamloops.
  • The Rainforest to Gold Rush route showcases a seldom-seen region through the interior and northern parts of B.C.
  • The Coastal Passage runs alongside the Pacific Ocean between Seattle and the Canadian Rockies.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a railway experience fit for royalty that will leave you feeling extremely proud of the rugged, natural beauty of our own backyard. The company also recently partnered with Cunard Cruise Line to offer it as a pre- or post-cruise land tour for cruises from Vancouver to Alaska. It makes for a winning combination and unforgettably scenic holiday.

For more information call 877.460.3200 or visit Rockymountaineer.com.