Cirque heats up ice show with acrobatics and more

Crystal represents a new approach for Cirque du  Soleil that slices through to a new dimension with the additions of figure skates and ice. The amazing show is at First Ontario Centre in Hamilton until Sunday, June 24.

This unique production pushes the boundaries of performance, combining skating with the acrobatic feats for which Cirque is famous. A skater taking to the air on a trapeze, performing a graceful dance on the ice with a partner suspended by silk ropes around his wrists and a squad of hockey players speeding up and flipping off ramps are just some of the highlights.

The skaters and acrobats use the ice rink as a frozen  playground to showcase their talents that include everything from beautifully executed ice dancing and laughter inducing clowning to breathtaking balancing and acrobatics.

The storyline is rather loose as is actually an exploration of the lead character’s imagination. With imagination as the foundation, the show can go in any direction and it takes full advantage of this lack of structure. The story features Crystal, the  lead  character on her voyage of self-discovery enhanced with visual  projections  and  an  original  score  that  seamlessly  blends  popular  music  with  the  signature  sound  of  Cirque  du  Soleil.

Crystal  features  an  international  cast  including  figure,  extreme  and  freestyle  ice  skaters,  acrobats,  musicians  and  a  comic  character.  Eleven different  nationalities  are  represented  within  the  cast.

For details visit The show moves to the United States following the Hamilton performances.