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Forever Young News magazine is produced by Metroland Media Group Ltd. This monthly 50+ news magazine is published across Ontario and British Columbia (stand alone and extended reach) with a combined circulation of more than 700,000 copies monthly and has been serving the Canadian market since 1985.

Forever Young is about active, goal-oriented aging, with a broad mandate to celebrate positive role models in the boomer population. We have taken advantage of more than 30 years of accumulated wisdom gleaned from publishing for the mature market and have evolved into a lifestyle medium with a focus on rewards, transitions, pleasures, passions, challenges and opportunities.

National Editor Jane Muller selects top-drawing celebrity profiles for the monthly covers which over the years have featured Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Orr, Madonna, Dr.Oz, Neil Young, Raquel Welch, Simon Cowell and Johnny Depp. These profiles are complemented by monthly features in the Personal section (health, fitness, achievements, food&drink and good living); Shift (homes, technology and in general learning to adapt to today’s swiftly changing society); Dispatches (women’s humour with Renee Fisher, tech and money columns); Spotlight (encouraging participation in the community, highlighting great entertainment options) and Escape (expanding on great travel features to include milestone life experiences).

Special supplementary publications are published throughout the year and include Retirement Living Guides, Southbound magazine and Empty Nest.

Forever Young 50+ Lifestyle & Retirement Shows are also a part of this brand with a spring and fall show held annually in Burlington. Attendees come from Greater Toronto to Kitchener.

The publication was originally launched with the title Today’s Seniors and for 12 years was also named Forever Young.

Metroland Media Group Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation.


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